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3 Powerful Reasons To Start Learning a Language

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Not sure whether or not start learning a new language? Continue reading to discover 3 powerful reasons to start learning a language or continuing the one you started learning, but feel like you’re in a rut.

Who doesn’t want to learn another language?

Learning a new language is a point that pops up on many to-do lists.

It was on my list as well, not so long ago, before I learned or was able to hold a conversation in Spanish 😄

Now, the point is still (or again) on my list, but with Danish, it’s a whole different story. It’s really challenging for me… 

Are you thinking about learning a new language as well? And are you having doubts about why you should do that? Bear with me, and I’ll give you a strong motive to keep going and learn that language!

Learning a language can be so many different things: enlightening, hilarious, boring, confusing, eye-opening, hard. Whatever it is, if you want to succeed and actually be able to communicate with others in whatever language you’re learning, it has to be done for the right reasons. Your WHY has to be a strong one. To carry you through your lows during the language learning process. Then you have a chance to succeed.

Languages are dying all over the world

There are about 7000 spoken languages in the world. That’s an awful lot to choose from 😂 and it’s an incredible number. 

But it is continuously decreasing. And with that, traditions, cultures, and part of our history gets lost, forever. However, there are more and more initiatives to protect the languages that are “endangered”; like the language of the Mapuche, or the Quechua, which are just two of the many indigenous groups present in South America. At school children are being taught their indigenous language and Spanish, to make sure they don’t lose their cultural heritage.


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Aaand studies show that bilinguals (or trilinguals, or quadrilinguals… you get the point) are more resilient when it comes to dealing with any type of dementia, meaning that they are functioning better, and independent longer.

[Click here to read the full article about bilingualism and its connection to Dementia]

You need strong motives when learning a language: here’s my top 3

Now, back to you and your language. Of course, you want to learn a language that’s meaningful to you. The reasons for learning a new language can be multiple: it could be because you live close to the country where the language is spoken. Or because you want to be able to better communicate with your partner and/or friends, or because you plan on traveling to the country where the language is spoken.

These are all good and valid reasons. Here are 3 additional, very powerful imo, reasons to make your “why” for learning a language even stronger:


  • A new language gives you access to information: Learning a language not only gives you easier access to peoples and places (for the travelers) but also to an infinite amount of information. And I think that nowadays, the two most valuable resources that we have are time and information. So, more info for you if you can resort to an additional language.
  • Speaking and interacting with someone in their mother language (and the language you’re learning) opens up a whole other level of communication. The reason for this is because it is easier to express ourselves in our mother language. And there is more familiarity from the start of the conversation if you’re able to express yourself in the mother language of the person in front of you.
  • Your world will change. Yes, it will. 😊 Learning a new language means giving up old thinking patterns and making space for new ones. You will perceive the world and your surroundings differently. Through this other dimension that will be added with the new language (and culture you’re inevitably getting to know) many things are put into perspective.

And what about you? Are you learning a new language?

What is your reason for it? I’d love to hear it – feel free to leave a comment 😎


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